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My Cafe : Recipes and Stories | Laura Adventure Story

In mobile game my cafe June 2020 update, you welcome your new customer Laura, who is an ancient artifact hunter and thriller seeker. She arrives to complete 3 heroic legendary deeds and find the treasure. She asks your help to complete 30 orders.

Looking for the latest Laura Quest instead? Here it is:

My Cafe Laura Quest Walkthrough Update 2020.11

After completing 1st order, she tells you that 1000 years ago there was a brave warrior named Laura who defeated all her enemy and took the throne. Then the queen got to know about the treasure and 3 legendary tasks, and she started a journey to achieve the reassure and suddenly disappeared. Now, Laura wants to find the treasure and she has a map which lead her to the exact location of the treasure.


Now see wants a partner.

Choose: MARGARET as her partner

You Inform Margaret this news. She says that she is a leading expert in archaeology, and she owns a book which will help Laura to find the location.

According to this book, 3 heroic deeds must be fulfilled to obtain the treasure:

  • Mount an untamed dragon (Build an ancient dragon boat)
  • Subdue the raging elements ( Allow the things around you to take you towards your destination)
  • Defeat an undefeatable enemy (Defeat your own fear)

She asks you to complete 3rd order and talks to Laura.

Margaret gives you 3 options:

  • one of the pages is thicker than the others.
  • All the chapters end with the symbol “X”.
  • There’s strange circle on the cover.

Choose: Maybe the thick page is two pages glued together?

Margaret checks the thicker page and finds out a blueprint for a swift boat shaped like a dragon. This is the hint of first deed. It says to build the dragon boat and learn to sail it. Ask your customers to help to make the dragon boat and they agree to help you out. She asks you to complete 5 orders and talk to Laura.

After 5 orders, Laura informs you that the dragon boat ready and now it’s the time to paint the boat.


Margaret wants to paint the boat with red lead paint. This color first discovered in the 4th century BC when a ship carrying white lead caught on fire. The white lead had changed its color from heat, she asks you the color.

Choose: Blood red.

Talk to her after 8th order. Margaret heats up the white lead color to change the color to red. Then she finally paints the boat with the created red lead paint.


When you talk to Laura, she says that their first heroic deed is completed. Now they are heading to the next task. As per the ancient book recommendation, they should go to the middle of the bay and fight against a horrible monster. Talk to her after 11th order.

Next, Margaret tells you that she had to row and scoop out the origami hearts which fell from the boat when she jumped to teach Laura a lesson. She then shows you how to create origami heart.


Then they were taken to a little island in the middle of the ocean by the current. They sailed up to the cave, rescued origami hearts and tried to get inside the cave. In this way, 2nd heroic deed is done. Margaret and Laura are planning to go inside the cave again. She thinks that an undefeatable enemy is waiting inside the cave.

After 14 orders, Laura informs you that she has seen a 15-foot spider in the cave. But Margaret saw a big snake instead of the spider. Though spider or snake was not real, and it was only their fear. After 16th order, Laura informs you that they went to the cave again and checked the cave. In this way they defeated the undefeatable-their own fear. They have completed all the tasks now.

Now its time to find the treasure:

Margaret says that there were 3 symbols on the cave walls.

  • A triangle
  • Mountains
  • An ‘X’ mark.

The mountain means the nearby island.

The triangle used to mean a sail, a shark’s fin and a sword blade.

Choose: Sail. It means “sail to the island!”

X mark denotes “Mark the spot”.

After 18th Order, you both decide that they need to sail to the mountain island to find the treasure.

When you complete 22nd order, Laura says that she wants to go treasure hunting by herself. She wants Petrovich’s help to fix the boat. Petrovich can fix the boat in 27 orders. As a 2nd option, you can give him 389 diamonds and he will do it immediately.

Once 27 order is completed, Petrovich informs you that he has fixed the boat and Laura already completed her treasure hunting.

Next, Laura tells you that she went at the bottom of the sea with a rock tied to her feet. When she was sinking inside the deeper she found a empty chest. But her hands were freezing so she couldn’t cut the rope. At that time Margaret appeared to save Laura. She found that the “x” signs means end. So, it was a cross to mark your grave. Warriors used to think death was the greatest reward of all. So, there is no real treasure buried there. When Laura and Margaret was sailing, Margaret saw some shinning things inside the sea. Later, Margaret went inside the sea and found some pirates ships.


Laura is happy to find Margaret as her life saver, Margaret’s friendship is the greatest treasure of her life.


My Cafe Laura story – Rewards for finding treasure:

Margaret gives you 10 diamonds. 

Laura gives you a Crane Wall decoration.

As I completed 30 orders of Chole, I also got 90 DIAMONDS, 2 PINK GIFT, 1 BLUE GIFT & 1 GOLD GIFT.


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  2. So, When I was On My 26th Order, Margret Said That She Needed To Check The Book Immediately, Is This Part Of The Adventure? I Am Not Sure Myself.

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