You aren't a chameleon. You won't alter or blend in for anybody, but you will act differently than usual — not to blend in, but because you're a lifelong student who is eager to explore new things.

People will do things you don't agree with, and it's sometimes better to ignore, accept, or work around them rather than confront them head on. The capacity to flex prevents a snap in trees and attitudes.

When others are irritated or have their feelings wounded, they tend to turn to you to vent. There's so much whining! But at the very least, you understand what that means: you're a reliable buddy.

A goal necessitates a strategy, and a strategy necessitates a ritual. The rituals you develop will serve as pillars for structuring your life and achieving your objectives.

You have a talent for tailoring your conversation to the person with whom you're conversing. It's occurring on a subconscious level. It's incredible, but it's as if each relationship has its own language.

Even if you don't think your ability is exceptional, you'll be commended for it. This offers you a firm foothold for the day's upward ascent. These are the types of tasks that will help you stay in shape.

Many people will be pleased to see you finish what you started. Do it for them when you don't feel like doing it for yourself. Consider their reactions as you cross the finish line.

Strong emotions indicate that something has to be spoken. It will take a few moments to find out the most effective and acceptable method, but you will be rewarded for taking the time to do so.

The magician's trick is to make a rabbit appear from a hat. When the crowd isn't watching, something magical happens... it's all sweetness and amazement. In a similar vein, be wary of the present intended to command people's attention.

You'll discover something to enjoy about people if you look hard enough. You love people for who they are, not what they could become or how they meet your wants.