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My Cafe level 9: Watson hypnosis to find real Koffsky – story and walkthrough

My Cafe: level 9- story and game walkthrough

In smartphone game, My Cafe – recipes and stories level 9, Watson Holmes helps Koffsky by finding his wallet. Later Watson says that he had a nasty blow to the head from a criminal and he lost his memory. Margaret suggest hypnosis will be the perfect approach to bring back his memory.  You need to choose correct option to make the process successful.

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First, serve 1 cup of Rose tea and it will help Watson to dive into the state of meditation.

You: WATSON! Remember the day you got hit on the head and lost your memory

Watson: I’ve arrived at Koffsky’s place. I want to talk to him. I’ve left the car. Koffsky’s house is in front of me. It’s two-storied, and the front door is ajar. There are bushes next to the house. It’s getting dark.


  • Go into the house
  • Look in the bushes
  • Look in your car

Answer:  Look in your car

Watson: I found a box of doughnuts. Hey, There’s a flashlight under it! Take it with me.


  • Go into the house
  • Look in the bushes

Answer: Go into the house

Watson: I’m in the foyer. There’s a lit fireplace, a stairway leading to the second floor, and some kind of door, probably to the basement.


  • Go down to the basement
  • Take the stairs to the 2nd floor
  • Look in the fireplace

Answer: Go down to the basement

Watson: A step, unlit staircase. There is a large washing machine at bottom with a dumbwaiter next to it. At the end of the room there is a door where a big padlock is hanging.


  • Examine the door
  • Examine the washing machine
  • Examine the dumbwaiter up to the 2nd floor

Answer: Examine the door

Watson: It’s locked! The lock is heavy, sturdy, the kind you can’t pick with just any old lockpick. You need special equipment. I can hear something rusting on the other side of the door. There’s someone there.


  • Take the dumbwaiter up to the 2nd floor
  • Examine the washing machine

Answer: Take the dumbwaiter up to the 2nd floor

Watson: I’m on the 2nd floor. I’m in the bedroom. A large bed, a freestanding closet and open window are there.


  • Examine the bed
  • Look out the window
  • Look in the closet

Answer: Look out the window

Watson: I can see into the back yard. There’s some kind of the shed, a swimming pool, flower bushes, gardening supplies, and a water pipe that runs by the window and down into the yard.


  • Climb down the water pipe
  • Jump out the window
  • Take a moment to enjoy the view

Answer: Climb down the water pipe

Watson: It wasn’t easy, but I managed to carefully climb down into the back yard. I can see a shed for gardening equipment, a swimming pool and a rake lying on the ground.


  • Go into the shed
  • Step on the rake
  • Is there anything interesting in the pool?

Answer: Go into the shed

Watson: It’s pretty dark in here. I can see some sorts of tools in the darkness, a hardhat by my feet, a dusty old mirror that looks like it used to be hung up in the house. I can hear something rusting behind me.


  • Look in the mirror
  • Turn around
  • Pick up the hardhat

Answer: Look in the mirror

Watson: I’m looking in the mirror. I can see my own face, the blade of shovel heading towards the back of my head, and Koffsky? Koffsky was the one who hit me?

You: Okay Watson, on the count of three you will return to your normal state.

Watson: I’m awake. I remember everything now! It was Koffsky! But why did he hit me?

You: Koffsky has a twin brother. Edward! It must’ve been him. Quick, to Koffsky’s house!

He gives you a pink gift for this session and rushes to Koffsky’s house.

During his next visits, he informs you that he found the real Koffsky.

Now Koffsky is back. He was locked in the basement of his own house by his twin brother Edward. Koffsky thanks you with 1 Blue gift, 15 diamonds and 1 saffron for your effort.

Later Watson noted a leather couch is needed to complete the cosy atmosphere of your café. You will get 1 pink gift1000 points and 3 diamonds once you bring the leather couch.


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