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My Cafe level 32 Ben bet answers and walkthrough

In My Cafe recipes and stories, new customer Daisy comes to ‘my cafe’ in level 32. There are two stories – Crystal Loneliness and Chasing a Million.

In Crystal loneliness we will help Petrovich to buy a house for him and Felicia. Chasing a Million is the story of how Daisy win 1000000 diamonds.

There is also a chance to place bet with Ben where you can earn 60 diamonds on 3 bets if you predict the correct answers. For every bet you have to give 30 diamonds to play, thus making a maximum profit of 90 diamonds if you can get all the three correct.

New Customer : Daisy
New Equipment: Pancake Griddle
(Cost: 12000000 coins)
You can also buy simpler machine using 4000000 coins.

My Cafe Level 32: Crystal Loneliness

Petrovich and Felicia decides to move in together but Felicia is avoiding the matter. Later she agrees to move in with him.

He clean out a room for her in his house. But he was forced to move into Felicia’s house instead and he did not feel comfortable in such a big mansion.

Later my cafe customers advice that Petrovich should carry on with some traditions, that he used to do in his own house. To that Petrovich says watching football with Ron.

You make Americano with Cardamom and Saffron for Ron and give it to Petrovich to agree Ron to watch football with him.

While watching the football game Ron spilled coffee on a white rug and then Petrovich broke a statue which makes Felicia angry. Therefore Petrovich decides to buy a bigger house.

To execute the plan, he hires the real estate agent, Daisy.

Daisy MacLeod comes to my cafe and asks for Pancake with Saffron, Vanilla and Forest Berries.

Daisy says that she has a 14 year old son. She has selected some houses, which might Petrovich and Felicia like. Here you get 1 500 000 stars.

Petrovich liked some of the houses, but Felicia did not. Rather she finds out a house herself and shows to Petrovich. But the house costs 3,000,000 diamonds. He asks Daisy to help him lower down the price to 1,000,000 diamonds.

Daisy says she can do it, but she asks you Pancake with Cinnamon and Caramel first.

Daisy comes to know that the house belongs to Donald and he owns most of the houses in the town. Hence, he can increase the cost to anything he likes. The actual cost of the house is 1,000,000 diamonds.

Daisy says she will be able to get the price down.

Your activity points increases by 1,000,000.

Daisy manages finally to make the deal for 1,000,000 diamonds. Petrovich buys the house with the 1,000,000 diamonds that he got by fixing Felix’s statue.

Felicia freaked out on hearing the news therefore she actually was not able to trust Petrovich as she was hurt in her past relationships. So, she tried to make things hard to him. They finally broke up.

Daisy says that Petrovich is a very nice person and she will stop Felicia from breaking up.

Daisy finally convinced Felicia to not break up with Petrovich and Felicia asks you Honey Milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose.

Finally Petrovich and Felicia came back together and started living in their new house named “Crystal Perfection”. Lastly, Petrovich gives you a GOLD gift as promised.

Petrovich and Felicia thanked Daisy and you get 4,000,000 activity points.

My cafe level 32: Chasing a Million

Daisy decides to participate in a competition, “Beat everyone else and get 1,000,000 diamonds!”.

Step 1: Find the Map.

“And then it lists a place and time.”

Choose: “Midnight. Park. Fountain?”

Daisy asks you to help her and she asks you what you need in return. Choose what gift you would like. I have selected GOLD. Do not worry if you have selected a wrong one, she will ask you again after the story and you can select the correct one then.

Talk to the customers to know who else got the invitation to the contest. during the investigation, you could find that Elsa, Clyde, Donald and Kevin are taking part in the competition. Later She decides to take a stroll to the fountain to find some clues of map.

After coming back she informs you that she saw Elsa was trying to catch the map with a fishing net but ultimately Kevin found the map from the bottom of the fountain.

Clyde decides not to participate in this competition. Donald was muttering “I’ll need to order another Lassi with Honey, Saffron and Cardamom.

Daisy requests to serve her Lassi with Honey, Saffron and Cardamom.

Once you serve the drink she informs that at midnight $1971 was displayed in the sky with the help of a projector. But she couldn’t get the clue at all. She requests you to talk to Elsa and Kevin to crack the hint.

You talk to Elsa and Kevin. Elsa shares her thought with you. She thinks similarly Daisy can share her thoughts too, which will help both of them. You tell Daisy that Elsa informed town bank was opened in the year 1971.

Choose: Is there a dollar sign on it?

Daisy has decided that the Clue “$1971” leads to the bank so she is going to follow it there. She asks you to talk to Ben to bet on this competition.

My cafe Level 32 Ben Bet answers

1st Bet with Ben : Who will find the Map first?

Daisy and Kevin went to the Bank. So did Elsa, as long as Daisy shared her solution with her. Donald went to the serpentarium.


  • I’ll bet on Elsa.
  • I will bet on Kevin.
  • I’ll bet on Daisy.
  • I will bet on Donald.
  • I don’t think this bet is for me.

Choose: I will bet on Kevin.

Once Daisy comes to my cafe, she informs that there was a safe deposit box in the bank and the code to open it is 1971.

Step 2 : Find the Cake.

From the safe deposit box finally she finds a map of the town and a note which says about the next step. There was a location marked on it and a picture of a dog.

She asks you to tell the solution to step 1 to Elsa and meanwhile, she will try to find out which location is marked on the map.

Elsa informed that Kevin reached bank before Daisy.

Kevin says that luckily he went to bank for some reason and the bank person told him that a deposit box was waiting for him and he found the map inside the box. As a result you win the first bet.

Ben gives you 60 diamonds for wining the first bet.

Later, Daisy informs that she has found the location and it’s an old warehouse by the river. But she couldn’t find any meaning of the dog symbol.

Choose: “Caution, vicious dog?”

Talk to your customers who have pets to know how to distract a dog.

Lucas gives the idea to use ultrasound generator to distract dogs. You need to borrow the generator from him.

He asks to serve him a spring cupcake with nutmeg and saffron.

2nd Bet with Ben : Who will be the first to get past the dogs and find the cake?

To distract the dogs, Kevin brought the slippers, Elsa brought a sausage, Daisy brought an ultrasound generator and Donald brought money.


  • I’ll bet on Elsa.
  • bet on Kevin.
  • I’ll bet on Daisy.
  • bet on Donald.
  • I’m still not going to place a bet

Choose: I’ll bet on Daisy.

Later Daisy says that she found the 2nd clue from the warehouse before others.

Later she wants a health potion Tea with Galangal, Ginseng and Gold.

in the warehouse she saw four identical cakes and each one had a fork stuck in it and a sign that said “eat me” She was very hungry so she ate the nearest cake. There was a new clue on the pastry paper under the cake.

Final Step: “Beaver’s Dream”

Daisy saw Donald was sneaking around the Warehouse, so she started stalk him. Later she saw that Donald went to the river and there was a motorboat in the river.

Activity points increases with 12,50000 points.

Ben gives you 60 diamonds for wining the first bet.

Ben congratulate you for wining the 2nd bet and gives you 60 diamonds.

finally Daisy figured out that Beaver’s Dream is the name of a log cabin. But it is difficult to reach that place. She will ask Donald for his boat to reach the place.

Choose: You said that Donald has a boat.

3rd Bet : Who will be the first to reach the Beaver’s Dream?

Elsa has decided to go to Beaver’s Dream by tank. Kevin will be on an ATV. Daisy and Donald have one boat between them.


  • I’ll bet on Daisy.
  • bet on Kevin.
  • I’ll bet on Donald.
  • I will bet on Elsa.
  • I don’t want to place a bet.

Choose: I will bet on Daisy.

Once Daisy returned from the Beaver’s Dream, she informs that finally she won the 10,00000diamonds. First, She managed to take the boat and reached the Beaver’s Dream. Finally she found a bag with 10,00000 diamonds from that cozy house.

Later she asks to serve her Maple Pancake.

She says that Beaver’s Dream is Donald’s house. Donald wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends in his house so he arranged a competition and invited the contestants. When Daisy come to know about this, she started decorating the house and invited Clyde. Later Donald celebrated his birthday with Daisy, Kevin, Clyde and Elsa and became overwhelmed.

Everyone enjoyed the party and Daisy decided to donate the prize amount to a dog shelter in the name of Donald.

Ben gives you 60 diamonds for wining the bet.

From this competition Daisy gets a lesson of life, that is chasing behind wealth makes a person unhappy and alone.

Finally, She gives you the GOLD gift and activity points increases with 3750000 points.

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