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My Cafe level 31- Mary and Bill Wedding cake preparation

Decorate your cafe for Bill and Mary’s marriage

In my cafe level 31, Bill and Mary finally have decided to marry. Though they opt for a simple registry marriage to save money, Mary is still unhappy. She had a dream of a gorgeous wedding with a wedding arch, a huge cake and a fancy couch. Everybody is very excited specially Elsa and Clyde. They have decided to make their daughter’s marriage memorable.

First Elsa try to pick a venue for the wedding and you suggest her to choose the coffee shop as the venue.

Yes, there you will get 3 options to choose and each option gives the same venue: “Let’s have the wedding here in the coffee shop”

Elsa wants to decorate the cafe with a wedding arch, a huge cake and a fancy couch.

Clyde and She would make the arch with the help of Petrovich.

She asks you to go to Carl’s shop and choose a perfect couch for the special Day.

Clyde brings a big and very beautiful wedding cake but he has kept crackers inside the cake. Though he wanted to recall Elsa’s one of the sweet memory with him, the crackers burst and all the cake has been ruined. He becomes very upset. Later Elsa advises you to take Koffsky’s help as he knows how to make wedding cake.



level 31: Koffsky and Coffee wedding cake recipe

You seek help from Koffsky and he agrees to bake a coffee wedding cake recipe for Mary & Bill’s marriage. He learnt the great recipe from his grandmother though he couldn’t remember the recipe properly. He will take your help to bake the cake.

First serve him Bubble Tea to help him to recall his cake recipe memory.

Bubble Tea : Tea+Milk + Ice + Tapioca + Maple Syrup

Here Koffsky will give you 3 options for each question and you have to choose the correct answer for every step of the cake recipe. If you give any wrong answer you have to serve him Bubble tea again and start playing from the first step. 

1st Step: Mixing the layers


  • Eggs and sugar
  • The layers for the cake
  • Mashed potatoes and fried chicken. And we’ll decorate it with ketchup.

Choose: Eggs and sugar

2nd step: Whip ingredients by using hand mixer or wooden spoon..What ingredients should we use?


  • Cement, sand and bricks
  • Flour and Starch
  • Ground beef

Choose: Flour and Starch

3rd Step: What items are needed to make the frosting?


  • Shea Butter, Beeswax and essential oils to taste
  • Salt, Cream, Sunflower Oil and Flour
  • Milk, Eggs, Sugar and Butter

Choose: Milk, Eggs, Sugar and Butter

4th Step: The main ingredient for frosting which is having brown colour and a pleasant aroma.


  • Peanut Butter
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate ice cream

Choose: Coffee

Last Step: What would be the last step?


  • Taste everything
  • Throw it all away and start over again
  • Soak the layers in coffee

Choose: Soak the layers in coffee  


With this wedding cake you will complete all the decoration for Bill and Mary’s marriage. Later they will writes their own wedding vows and on the special day they happily married.


Click on the wedding cake which Clyde brings. It gives you a PINK GIFT.

After the marriage Elsa gives you a GOLD GIFT.



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