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My Cafe level 30 story and walkthrough

New equipment: Mixer (Cost: 7.5 million coins), Simple machine costs 2.5 million coins.

new episode: magic book and skeleton in the closet

In the beginning of level 30 in my cafe, Ann informs you that Elsa is sad and ask you to talk to her to find the reason.

Later Elsa expresses that she want to do something interesting in her life and need your suggestion. As she has no desire to do real adventure, you suggest her to write a book. She appreciate the idea and agrees to write a book.

She always has a dream to write her manuscript in a classy notebook so she requests you to talk to your customers and find the notebook. Carl received a leather bound notebook, which is very old but still in decent condition from someone. He gives it to Elsa. You deliver the book to Elsa.

Before she starts her writing she requests to serve her Honey milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose.

She present you 3 diamonds for the milkshake and she promises you to give a GOLD GIFT once she becomes famous.


While drinking the milkshake, she accidentally spilled some liquid on the notebook. She decides Bill and Marry would be the lead characters of her story.

The novel starts at a gym where Mary and Bill meet each other for the first time. Next, they would go to a romantic place for their first date.

Then she decides to ends the story with a tragedy because she is too tired to see the happy ending. They could get into a fight and break up.

She wants a Honey milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose, so that she can finish the story.

She narrates the story and and ask you to talk to Mary and get some of her happy moments of her life so that she can add them into her book.

Activity points increases with 500,000 points.

Bill and Mary broke up

Afterward, Mary tells that she and Bill went to Gym recently and Bill lifted 10 dumbbell. Next they are planning to go to a movie set and she always wanted to be an actress. You are surprised to see the coincidence in between the Elsa’s story and Mary’s recent life events.

You state Elsa that the things she is writing in her book, is happening in Mary’s real life. Elsa become frightened about her daughter’s future and ask you to inform Bill immediately.

Bill won’t be able to decide what they do together until he beats Mary at arm wrestling.

You warn Mary not to go to the movie set with Bill and let her know about Elsa’s story and its tragic end. But she doesn’t believe in fortune telling so she sticks to her plan.

Once she return from the movie set, she discloses that she and Bill broke up and Bill left the town. Elsa blames herself for the mishap. Later she senses that there was no problem until she started writing in that NOTEBOOK. So she will write something else on that NOTEBOOK and will check whether it comes true or not.

She needs her favorite drink, Honey milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose, before she start the experiment.

Once you serve her the milkshake she asks you to make a wish for your coffee shop and she will write that wish on her notebook.

I choose bottomless spice box.

Activity point increases with 750,000 points.

When you ask Kevin about any package for the cafe he checks his list and finds a package on your name. He didn’t notice that package before and he promised to give you on his next visit.

Serve Kevin Adrenalino with Guarana for the fast delivery.

Kevin visits the cafe as soon as possible and give you the package. When he opens the package a Cornucopia Decoration is there.

You inform Elsa that you received a decoration as a gift instead of the bottomless spice box. So the experiment was successful and Elsa will fix all the disasters made by her.

She changes the conclusion to the story about Bill and Mary, “and then they met, and everything was wonderful again.”

You talk to Mary and finds that the situation is unchanged and Bill is still missing. Elsa is heartbroken and asks you to talk to Carl.

Carl says he was unaware of the magic power of that notebook he asks you to discuss this matter with some of the customers.

Elsa gives the book to Lucas, and he starts his research immediately. He writes couple of lines but nothing happened in reality. He thinks probably the book need to be activated. May be the owner needs to spill some liquid on the cover. You let him know that Elsa drank Honey milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose before writing the story. Lucas thinks may be Honey works as an activator to make the magic.

Then he asks you to serve him a refreshing milkshake to activate his brain.

He advises that Elsa should torn out the page with wrong text from the notebook and then write the right text in it. It will fix everything.

Activity point increases with 15,00,000 points.

You describe Elsa about Lucas’s advises and she agrees to do that.

But she wants to drink a honey milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose before doing the action.

Elsa writes the happy ending and then asks you to talk to Mary about their relationship.

Activity point increases with 20,00,000 points.

Later Mary informs that everything worked out just fine. Everything happened according to Elsa’s writing in their life.

Next you welcome Bill again in my cafe. He also confirms that their relationship is safe now.

Elsa is relived and very happy to have the news and she gives you GOLD GIFT as promised.

Activity point increases with 25,00,000 points.

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