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My Cafe level 26 – Ben finding job story and walkthrough

In the game My Cafe – Recipes and Stories, you unlock new episode on Ben at Level 26 where he finds a job. Here we are going to present you the complete overview and walkthrough of the episode.

Ben’s job finding story – My Cafe level 26

Ann says you that she has seen something unusual about Ben. She adds that Ben seems to be counting something and then writing them down on napkin. She asks you to have a chat with him.

Ben says you that he is counting how many cups of coffee he can buy with the money he is left with and planning to give you a Gold Gift, though he has very less money in his pocket.

On asking he explains that Margaret was helping him with money since he has helped her on the Monalisa case. But now she has said that she would not be able to help Ben anymore. Hence, he needs to find a job. But Ben does not like to do a normal office work, where he has to sit for hours. He wants to do a creative work and earn lot of money.

Ben then asks you to take a survey of your customers and find out who has a job opportunity to offer Ben. He promises you to give a GOLD gift if you can help him find a job. He asks you to start with Falicia as he is interested in Fashion.

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Ben tries job at fashion industry of Falicia – My Cafe Level 26

When you have a chat with Falicia, she says that she has already appointed Mary as her assistant and she does not have any position for Ben, but she later says that there might be something that Ben can do but she asks you for Aphrodite Tea with Nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon before she says more.

After you have served her the drink, she says that Ben has a good body and walking style and hence she thinks that he could be a model. She has a designer in her contact, who needs a male model. Falicia would suggest Ben’s name and provide the details to Ben. She asks you to talk to Ben and give him the information.

This increases your activity points by 30 000 and you get 1 Ruby.

Next time Ben comes in, he says that the first day did not went well as the environment in the fashion show was not suitable for him with loud music and lots of people. Moreover, the dress that was provided to him to wear was too small and he felt ashamed. So he could not work and left out. Falicia gets angry on Ben and says that he can only dust shelves and not work in public.

This gave Ben a new idea to work on Carl’s antique shop. He asks you to talk to him.


Ben starts trial period at Carl’s antique shop – My Cafe level 26 story

You have a chat with Carl and ask him if he can hire Ben to work in his antique shop.  Carl says, he can appoint Ben for a trial period for dusting the antiques.

But he would consider this deal if you put a Milky Way Table for Two in My Cafe shop which costs 252 000.

When you buy the table, Carl confirms the deal and you get 40 000 activity points.

On the first day of work at Carls’ antique shop, he asked Ben to dust the old sculptures with a spray and duster. Then Ben found a fly at a painting and thought it to be a real fly. But actually it was the CONCEPTUAL painting.

Ben did a lot of hard work to move the fly with spray and duster and finally succeeded to wipe out the fly from the painting, leaving behind a white page.

Carl obviously got angry on Ben and fired him. Ben is now jobless again and asks you to talk to Emily, if she can offer Ben a job.


Ben works with Emily in toothpaste commercial – My Cafe level 26

When you talk to Emily, she says she needs someone urgently to play in her toothpaste commercial. The original actor backed out last moment.

When you suggested Ben’s name, she accepts and thanks you for saving her. She says that Ben just needs to smile and say “smiley the best anti-inflammatory toothpaste”.

After the shoot, you talk to Ben. He says since after the shoot, his smile got stuck and face aches. He asks you to serve him Bahraini Coffee with Rose, Cardamom and Saffron to help him relax his muscles.

After you serve the drink to him, he says that he was unable to say the phrase as it was hard for him. But finally Emily found a way finish the shoot but he decided not to call Ben again.

Ben now decides to prepare a CV and search job online and asks you to make Vitamin Explosion Yoghurt with Guarana. 

You get 50 000 activity points here.


Ben CV making questions and answers – My Cafe level 26

Ben decides to become an anchorman. He needs to prepare a CV and needs to exaggerate a bit in it about his experience. To this he asks your help for preparing the CV.

The options you get might not affect the game play or your gift. But I am not enough sure about that, hence, I am providing you the option which I have selected for each below.

What should Bill say about education?

Just say you went to college. It doesn’t matter how long.

What should Bill say about work experience?

Say you are an art critic and psychologist.

What should Bill say about personality?

Write something positive. Say you are cheerful and sociable.


Here Bill would gift you 5 diamonds and you would earn 60 000 activity points.


Bill’s interview story – My Cafe level 26

Bill went to an interview. But he asks you to provide Tapioca Tea with Milk, Vanilla and Cardamom before he explains how it went.

Ben said that he blew the interview as the questions were tough for him. He asks you the questions to see how you would have answered.

I am mentioning here the options which I have selected.


Ben interview questions and answers- My Cafe level 26

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

I see myself as a manager with tons of professional expertise and experience.

What are your strengths compared to the other candidates for this position?

I am familiar with the problems your company faces and I know how to solve them.

What is you greatest strength?

Responsibility and Creativity.


Now you get 70 000 activity points and Ben asks you to serve him Latte with Star Anise, Cinnamon and Marshmallows.


Do you have any references from previous employer?

Yes, I have excellent references from the managers of the previous company I worked for.

What is your greatest weakness?

I am a perfectionists. I always see things through to end.

Why did you leave your last job?

There was not opportunity to unleash my full potential.

What kind of salary are you expecting?

I am expecting a salary commensurate with my contribution to the project.


Here you get 3 diamonds from Ben and 80 000 activity points.


Ben gets job as correspondent

Next time Ben comes in, he says that he got the job as a correspondent in a TV channel. Ben needs to make story on nature. He thanks you and gives you 1 diamond. He promises you again to give you a GOLD gift once he gets his first salary.

Next time he comes in he asks you Equilibrium Tea and says that his first day in job went wrong. He killed two rare moths and was fired from the job. Then he got a message from Bill that he needs to talk. You need to talk to Bill now.


Ben gets offer as writer for game made by Bill

Bill says you that he made a game similar to My Cafe : Recipes and Stories and he wants Ben to write story for it from level 26.

Next time Ben comes in, he says that the writing is going smoothly as he has experienced a lot of stories in your My Cafe, which he can use to write the story for Bill’s game.


Final GOLD gift from Ben

Ben has not received the payment from Bill yet but the painting which was ruined by Ben in Carl’s antique shop, was sold. The customer liked how the conceptual painting was changed to abstract art. He paid Ben.

Ben used the money to restore the rare moths in the place which he smashed.

And he finally gives you the GOLD Gift as he promised.

You get 100 000 activity points.

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