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My Cafe level 25 Ron bet answers story and walkthrough!

Story of Ron’s football match !

In my cafe level 25, Ron’s football team will play 4 matches against different team and Ben will tell you to bet for or against Ron’s team and win some handful of diamonds. Here we will discuss to the correct answers need to be selected before every match.

The story starts when you start talking with Ron. He says that he is thinking about their next match against Raging Beavers. He informs you that he had a dream last night. In his dream he was flying up into the stars. According to the dream book flying up into the stars is a very good sign and he thinks that he might become a football star in the next match. But the dream book also says that if the stats grows dim then it is a bad sign.  He is also scared as he could not remember that the stars grow dim or not. Then you suggest him to take help from Ben but he denies it. As a captain of the football team, he is confident that he is going to succeed and this dream is the sign of winning the game.

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Later he informs you that Ben is going to take bets on their next few matches and it is a good opportunity to win some extra diamonds by bet.

Next, you talk to Ben and he infoms you that the bet costs 20 diamonds. If you win, you will get 30 diamonds but if your guess is wrong, you will loose your 20 diamonds.

My Cafe level 25 soccer bet answers

There will be 4 matches which Ron will play and before each match Ben will ask you to bet with 3 options. You can bet on Ron/ against Ron/ you can pass the game. If you choose the correct option every time you will win 60 diamonds in total.

The options are:

  • I’ll put 20 diamonds on Ron
  • I’ll bet 20 diamonds against Ron
  • I think I’ll pass

If you pass the game there will be no gain no loss. But choose the correct answers before each game and ask Ron about the result.

Bet answer for FIRST Match of Ron:

Choose: I’ll bet 20 diamonds against Ron“.

After 1st match Ron informs you that they lost the match. He no longer believes that dreams can change his future. Now he thinks he need some luck for his team to win the next match. He wants your favor to ask Bill what he did before his first match and so he scored a goal in that match. You talked to bill and informs Ron that bill took some coffee beans with him, cleaned his computer and kissed Mary’s picture for good luck.


Ron gives you 1 diamond for your help.

Win 30 diamonds by winning this bet.

Bet answer for SECOND Match of Ron:

Choose: I’ll bet 20 diamonds against Ron“.

Ron informs you that they lost the  game again. He thinks that the beans are not enough to win the match. He asks you to take Mary’s help regarding this matter.

Mary ask you to serve her a cup of tea with saffron, milk and honey.

Once you serve the tea, she tells that many football players have their own cologne and clothing lines. She thinks that maybe good taste is linked to success. Ron liked the idea and is going to try designing new outfit for the team.

Ron asks you to buy a Milky way floor lamp (cost: 112000coins) for the cafe and he thinks it will inspire him.

Next, he says he has made the outfit and he needs Felicia’s opinion on this outfit. You show this outfit to Felicia and asks her opinion. Felicia Sturm tells that she will evaluate the outfit after you to serve her a cup of Aphrodite tea with Nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon. Once you serve the tea, she appreciates Ron and likes the outfit.


Ron gives you 2 diamonds for your help. 

Win 30 diamonds by winning this bet. 

Milky way floor lamp will add 647 activity points. Activity point increases with 100000 points by completing this task.

Your activity point increases with 50,000 points.

Ron gives you 2 diamonds when you informs him that Felicia appreciated his work. 

Bet answer for THIRD Match of Ron

Choose: I’ll bet 20 diamonds against Ron“.

After the match, Ron comes in my cafe and informs you that they loose it again. Now he realizes the fundamental issue of the team: The team needs a football coach and no football coaches are present in town  at this time. So he asks you to talk to Petrovich, Lucas, Cleo, Kevin and Margaret to get help and they agree to help the team. Petrovich says that he will start to train the team once you serve him a cup of tea with Galangal, Milk and Caramel.


You will receive 30 diamonds as you win the bet.

Activity points increases with 70,000 points.

Ron thanks you with 3 diamonds.

Bet answer for the LAST Match of Ron

Choose: I’ll put 30 diamonds on Ron” 

Next, Ron comes in to cafe and asks you to serve a cup of Equilibrium tea (Tea with Ginseng, Galangal, Anise and Grenadine syrup). He is very excited as they won the last match. At last he realized that proper training is the most important thing to win a match, no dreams or superstition can help you to succeed.


You get 60 diamonds as you win the bet.

Ron gives you a BLUE GIFT to show his gratitude.

Activity point increases with 400,000 points.

Thank You!

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