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My Cafe level 25 Lucas story and walkthrough

My Cafe Level 25 Lucas Love Potion story

In Level 25 of My Cafe game, the story starts with mysterious behaviour of the customers. Eventually in the level 25 of My Cafe, you would find out the reason behind the mysterious behaviour and the relation of it with the Love Potion of Lucas and also how the things get sorted out at the end.

You have a chat with the customers of My Cafe and found that they are behaving in a mysterious way.

Ann too found that people or customers of My Cafe are behaving unusually. She says that the people behaved strange in past as well, but this time its too much and crazy. The customers said you that Ann has put something in their drinks. When you say this to Ann she replies that she has been preparing the drinks the same way she used to do always. She also adds that only Lucas did not behave incoherently. He is as he was earlier. So you should have a chat with Lucas.

You then ask Lucas about the matter and he replies that to find out what is happening, we need to as ask the same question to five customers of My Cafe and try to  analyse their responses to come to a conclusion.

These are the below three questions that Lucas says to ask:

  1. Where have they gone recently
  2. What has they had to eat and drink in the last 24 hours?
  3. Who tangles up their earbuds when they are in their pockets?

Lucas says that the last question is a bit different as its answer would justify if the person is able to think logically or not.

The Five customers of My Cafe, that you need to talk to as selected by Lucas is as below:

  1. Bill
  2. Petrovich
  3. Watson
  4. Felicia
  5. Olivia

After you had a chat and asked the three questions to all  5 customers of My Cafe as mentioned above by Lucas, below is the respective answers you will receive:


  • He has been at home and to the coffee shop.
  • He drank Iced Fruit Tea
  • His earbuds get tangled up by themselves.


  • He has been to work, a bowling alley and the coffee shop.
  • He drank a Cappuccino with Nutmeg, Ice and Chocolate.
  • His earbuds never get tangled up.


  • He has been on duty, a walk around town and to the coffee shop.
  • He drank Frappe. (Espresso+Ice+Whipped Cream)
  • He joked saying the little pocket earbud tanglers tangle his earbuds.


  • She has been to office, fashion show and coffee shop.
  • She had Iced Latte.
  • She does not know who tangles up her earbuds.


  • She has only been to the coffee shop.
  • She drank Invigorating Tea (Tea+Ice+Lemon+Mint)
  • She has wireless earbuds, so no question of tangling.

Now you tell the responses to Lucas and he asks you ——–

What matched up in the customers’ responses?


They all have been to the coffee shop and drank Iced drinks.

The above answer would be the correct one as you can find out from the recipes that all of them has one thing in common, and that is ICE. When you say this to Lucas. he remembers that he has been preparing a Love Potion in his Lab which looks exactly like Ice. It enhances the emotion significantly. So, now you come to know that the symptoms match. But you are now confused how that Ice from Lucas’s Lab would come to your My Cafe?

Lucas then says, there is one other customer of this coffee shop who has access to Lucas’s Laboratory. That is Henry.

Henry says that he saw Lucas prepared a lot of ice in his lab. There was not enough space in Lab, so he decided not to waste the excess ice and brought them to the coffee shop to help you. He did not know that those were not ice but Love Potion drugs. You say the correct information to him. This way you come to know how those drugs came to your coffee shop and how they got to your customers.

My Cafe Lucas Love Potion story Part 2

Henry mentions that Olivia is being followed by a stranger. That might be the effect of the Love Potion, but on the other hand it can a real stranger who is following as well.

Lucas says that he don’t have an antidote for the drug yet though the effects are temporary. But he would try to prepare one. But he needs help of another person to patent the drug and prepare the paperworks. You suggest Olivia. Lucas promises to give you a GOLD gift as soon as he files the patent.

Olivia agrees to help Lucas. When she returns back to the My Cafe, she says that the paperwork of the drug has been stolen  and she suspects the same person who is following her. Thankfully, Lucas has copy of the report.

Henry says he did not see anyone entering her house and also he met Watson over there. He says that Watson was there due to the Love Potion’s effect. He fell in love with Olivia.

Watson says that Olivia came to him to report the stolen case of the paperwork. When Watson said her that he was keeping eye on her house and no one entered, then Olivia changed her words and said that she has lost it and it was not stolen.

Olivia also says that the paperwork of Lucas is wrong.

To this Lucas says he knew that something like this might happen. But he asks you to put on a Breeze window to know more from him. Then Lucas says that Olivia was trying to steal the paper work and sell it to someone else. Everything was her plan. Lucas came to know about her plan and that is why he gave her wrong paperwork.

Now, Lucas gives a plan to pull out the truth from Olivia. He asks you to tell Olivia that Lucas has prepared a truth serum which he would apply on Olivia if she does not speaks out now. This worked like a charm and Olivia speaks out all the truth. She says that she did all of these for money which she needed to save her niece, who has met a car accident. She needs a lot of money to cure the spinal injury. She promises you that she would earn the money for her niece’s operation but without any tricks and gives you 25 diamonds as apology.

Lucas finally forgives Olivia and thanks you with a GOLD gift as he promised.

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