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My Cafe level 24 Clyde depression therapy – answers and story

Story behind the Clyde’s depression – My Cafe Level 24

In mobile game my café, you will have to help Clyde to get rid of his depression.

At My Cafe level 24, Elsa wants you to serve a seaside coffee to calm her down. Once you serve the coffee, she asks your suggestion whether she tells Mary that Clyde is his biological father or not.

Suggest her to tell the truth to Mary.

Later she informs Mary that Clyde is her father in a dinner. Though Mary is shocked to know that Clyde is her father, but she handles this matter calmly. Later Elsa invites Clyde to a date and reveal that Mary is Clyde and her daughter. Though he is shocked, he decides not to abandon Mary. Clyde requests you to serve a spring cupcake with nutmeg and saffron, so that it helps him to think the matter better. He tells the truth of Mary to his adopted daughter Emily.

Next time when Emily visits to My cafe, she tells that she will not come between Clyde and Mary, though she was very attached to Clyde. Clyde becomes relived when you inform that Emily has accepted the truth.

Clyde invites Mary for a walk to make a bond with her, but they aren’t comfortable with each other. Though Clyde is her biological father, Mary can not accept him as a family member of her own. So, she rejects Clyde’s next invitation.

Clyde came up with a different idea to make Mary happy, that is to ask Felicia to not to overload Mary’s work. Felicia agrees to Clyde and cancel Mary’s trip to Milan, but this makes Mary unhappy. Clyde wants to send her a beautiful bouquet as an apology. Suggest him to choose any of the three option (Wildflowers/lilies/roses), but Mary will not accept the flower bouquet.

Bill’s requirement: Tea with ginseng, Guarana, lemon and mint.

Clyde become depressed as his attempts to build relationship with Mary go in vain and he is also detached from Emily. You inform Emily about Clyde’s poor mental health. Emily wants to help Clyde to recover this trauma. She has some ideas to make him happy.

Emily talks with Mary and Elsa. They decide to give three types of therapy to Clyde for the treatment.


4 Stages of depression therapy of Clyde

This is a 4-stage therapy and you should pick the options in right order to get Clyde out of depression.

The 3 options of therapy are:

  • Relaxation

  • Sport

  • Hot chocolate

Try something which is invigorating as the beginning of therapy

Choose: Sport


Later Emily informs you that Clyde and she went to a paintball competition, at first Clyde was not willing to participate the game but later he joined the game and they win the game. This therapy helps Clyde a lot and he regains his confidence.

Choose something which is sweet for the 2nd phage of therapy

Choose: Hot chocolate


As per your suggestion Emily offered Clyde some hot chocolate. Clyde was very thirsty, so he drank it very fast.

Choose something sweet again for the 3rd phase of therapy

Choose: Hot chocolate

(This is the trick here in this question that you have to choose Hot Chocolate option twice.)


Drinking the 2nd cup of hot chocolate, Clyde became more relax.

Choose something for the last stage of treatment

Choose: Relaxation


Emily let you know that the relaxation therapy worked well on Clyde. After all the 4 stages of therapy he looks happy and peaceful.

Emily asks you to bring a golden microphone (Cost: 200,000 coins) in my café to boost up Clyde’s spirit. Because Clyde lost his Golden microphone award during a tour. Afterwards, she will meet with Clyde, Mary and Elsa at the café. This will increase your activity point with 200,000 points.


Gifts you received in My Cafe level 24

Clyde gives you a blue gift as a sign of gratitude.

Mary, Emily and Elsa give you 5 diamonds each.

Your activity point increases with 300,000 points again.

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