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My Cafe Level 20 Alice Carroll Hypnosis questions answers – walkthrough 2022

In smartphone game,  My Cafe level 20 Alice Carroll gets a doctor’s appointment to the mental health clinic and undergoes Hypnosis. In this level she asks you 3 questions and you have to give her correct answers.

Alice Carroll first visits My Cafe at level 17. She is the girlfriend of Koffsky and Leopold’s first wife. She thinks that she is unlucky and she attracts the unlucky things and accidents in her life.

First, she asks to treat her a cupcake with galangal, honey and coconut so she can calm down.

Next, she goes to the doctor at mental health clinic. The doctor suggests that a series of hypnosis can help her to deal with her problems.

My Cafe Level 20 Alice Carroll Hypnosis Questions and correct Answers:

1st question:

How to make Alice’s way through a water-filled moat?

During the 1st session, she imagined herself on the edge of a water filled moat about thirty feet wide. Then she gets frustrated and ended the session.

Alice Carroll asks you to serve her a cup of tea with anise, cinnamon and lemon. Help her choosing with the right answer.


  • Look for a fairly long pole and use it to vault over the moat. 
  • Try climbing the tree and crossing the moat using one of the branches. 
  • Try jumping over the moat. However, the world record for the long jump is about 27 feet, and the moat is around 30 feet wide. 

Answer: Try climbing the tree and crossing the moat using one of the branches. 

2nd Question:

How will Alice Carroll face her greatest fear, the tiger?

Alice passed the 1st test and about to start her next session. This time she is going to win her greatest fear: AN ENORMOUS TIGER. Her subconscious mind offer her 3 unusual type of weapon : a water pistol, clothes hanger and a vacuum cleaner.

Alice asks you to treat her a muffin with nutmeg, lemon and coconut to overcome her fear. 

What would be the perfect weapon to get rid off the tiger?


  • Turn the vacuum cleaner on and point it at the tiger. 
  • Shoot the tiger with the water pistol. Cats are afraid of water.
  • Poke the tiger in the eye with the clothes hanger!

Answer: Turn the vacuum cleaner on and point it at the tiger.

3rd Question:

How to save the grand piano from Koffsky’s burning home?

You have to serve her a cup of tea with galangal, ginseng milk & honey.

What should Alice do during the next session?


  • Try putting the fire out yourself. 
  • The fire fighters will never get there in time – push the grand piano out of the house yourself!
  • Stick to your original plan : Call the fire brigade. 

Answer : Stick to your original plan: Call the fire brigade.

In the last round of this hypnotism process Alice Carroll has to imagine a solution of her own problem. This time no question will be there, just she has to think about her past by looking at a photograph.

After serving her a Traffic Lights Tartlet she shares you about her past and she finds a way to change her life and move for the better.

She thanks you with 3 diamonds and 120000 points. 😊

Watch YouTube video of the walkthrough here

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