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My Cafe level 19 Falicia’s dress and shoe answer and story

My Cafe level 19 – Help Mary Ditt to choose the perfect combination of dress & shoe for Felicia Strum

In my cafe level 19, you will welcome your new customer Felicia strum. Mary becomes super excited to see her in your cafe. She informs you that Felicia is very popular in fashion world and sets every fashion trend and decides the clothes that people wear. She is also the editor of the most popular fashion magazine in the world. Now she wants your favour to know whether Felicia is looking for any assistant or not. She wants to be appointed as Felica’s assistant. It’s the job she has dreamed of because the job is related to travel, fashion shows and amazing outfits.

Later you go to Felicia and ask about her purpose to visit your town. She informs you that she wants to spend some time in this small city for relaxation and she has a plan to stay here more. You ask if she needs any assistant for work. She tells that her last assistant was incompetent, so she threw her out of office. Now she needs an assistant and ask you for help. You recommend Mary Ditt. She asks you to send Mary to her and she would like to talk to her. You inform Mary about the interview.

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Next, Mary informs you that Felicia has given her some selection of photos and she needs to pick an outfit for a special event for Felicia. Mary will be appointed as Felicia’s assistant if she will pass this task.

Mary already decided about the bag- she thinks CLUTCH would be perfect for that special event, but she is so confused about the dress and shoes. You need to help her to choose the perfect combination of dress and shoes.

Felicia loves Aphrodite Tea with nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon. You will have to serve her this tea with your every selection. So, if you choose the correct answer at 1st attempt you have spend Aphrodite Tea with nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon for single time. But if you choose the correct answer in 2nd or 3rd attempt then you will have to serve her Aphrodite Tea with nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon twice or thrice respectively.

Options for dress:

  • A trumpet dress with cut out back.
  • A sheath dress with asymmetric neckline.
  • A multicoloured culotte dress.

Choose: A sheath dress with asymmetric neckline.

Options for Shoes:

  • Classic low-heel pumps.
  • Elegant boots.
  • Open toe high-heel pumps.

Choose: Open toe high-heel pumps.

Serve Felicia Strum a cup of Aphrodite Tea with nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon and let her know the perfect combination of dress, shoes and bag as per Mary. Felicia is happy with Mary’s selection and appoints Mary as her assistant.

By doing this task, you will get 20000 activity point.

Once you give this good news to Mary, she will give you 5 diamonds.

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