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My Cafe Chloe Trivia game answers and story

My cafe Chloe Trivia game story

Chole has arrived to my cafe as it’s the 3rd birthday of my cafe mobile game. This special day is also the birthday of Ann and Chole, so it’s a triple birthday celebration. Chloe is a special customer who only appears for special occasion. She is Ann’s twin sisters and Max’s girlfriend. If you are playing at level 8 and above, I think you already started delivering her orders.

After completing 1 order, she tells you that she is ready to head to the shop from where Ann’s teddy bear was bought. She wants to fix Ann’s teddy bear and gift her as her birthday gift. An old man named Mr Kauffman owns the shop. He and Watson are old friend. She advises to talk to Watson.

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After completing 3 orders, Chloe informs you that she has talked to Kauffman and this old man is really very sad now a days. Chloe agreed to play trivia game to cheer him up. If she wins the trivia game Kauffman will fix Ann’s teddy bear. You will have to help her to win the trivia game by answering the correct answers.

My Cafe Chloe Trivia game answers

You have to play with Bill, Petrovich & Watson. They will ask you questions with options and you have to choose the correct one.

Let’s Start with Bill:

Bill: What can travel the world while staying in the same corner?


  1. A kid on the naughty step.
  2. A postage stamp.
  3. You in VR goggles.

Choose: A postage stamp

Bill: Rachel’s mum has 5 daughters: Christie, Jackie, Lindsey, Natalie and ….


  1. Kathy
  2. Rachel
  3. Beatrice Woolworth III.

Choose: Rachel

Bill: Which hand is best for stirring tea?


  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. Spoon

Choose: Spoon

After answering the 3 questions correctly he will reward you with a TICKET.

Next, play with Petrovich:

Petrovich gives you some musical trivia. He sings a song and you have to guess what song it is.

Petrovich: Listen closely, “Stomp stomp CLAP, Stomp stomp CLAP, Stomp stomp CLAP.”


  1. No clue
  2. That’s Queen! We will rock you!
  3. I know. Beethoven!

Choose: That’s Queen! We will rock you!

He will give you GOLD reward for this answer.

The final one: Play with Watson

Watson asks you about my café’s customers.

Watson: Which customer calls himself “a person of hard times who never lost his cool”?


  1. Margaret
  2. Ben
  3. Petrovich

Answer: Ben

Watson: Next, if she lived during Mozart’s time, she ‘d tell him his music was way old-fashioned and he needed some remixes.


  1. Margaret
  2. Mary
  3. Cleo

Choose: Cleo

Next, he will tell you to spend to 300 diamonds and play a game to win a bonus blue gift. Though I didn’t play because I wanted to save my diamonds for later use.

After you have played 6 order, you would receive a birthday cake gift from Chloe with a secret. To know about the secret view our dedicated  blog post for the same.

My Cafe Chloe cake gift secret and walkthrough

I am not sure if Watson gives you any gift as I could not answer the question at first attempt. If you are able to, with the help of this post, please do let me and other readers know what gift you received in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “My Cafe Chloe Trivia game answers and story”

  1. Thanks.. This was helpful… I answered all right… Still he asked for 300 gems… I dint go ahead… Blue gift for 300 gems is too much for me :p

  2. I also answered all correct, and still got asked for 300 diamonds for blue give. i too didnt buy

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