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My Cafe Bill questions and answers – Recipes and stories

My Cafe Bill Trivia questions and answers

Bill appears first time to my Cafe at level 3. He is a programmer and loves any works related to computer. He will start asking 3 questions everyday and will give money for each correct answer. The amount he will pay, will depend on your level. The amount= 25 X [your existing level]. If you are playing in level 10, he will pay you 10 X 25=250 coins.

Here we are providing the list of all the questions that we could get asked by Bill in My Cafe mobile game along with the correct answers beside them.

The questions and answers of Bill Trivia are provided in a tabular pattern here with the correct answers from the 3 options of each.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you find any question missing, we would add them as well. We are regularly updating the list according to the information we receive.

Click on the green ‘+’ sign if you do not see the answer right beside the questions.

Bill Trivia Question and Answers:

1Which of these objects was a deathly hallow in Harry Potter?The Elder Wand.
2What is a kilt?The traditional dress of Scotland.
3Which bird is the largest in the world?Ostrich.
4What is the name of the longest-running TV show in the world?Guiding Light.
5Who wrote Harry Potter books?J. K. Rowling.
6What is the capital of Germany?Berlin.
7What does a marinist paint?Seascapes
8What is the study of heraldry about?Coats of arms.
9Who goes in the pit in a theatre?The Orchestra
10What is a pirouette?A dance move.
11What is a selfieccino?A coffee with your picture in the foam.
12What is a doppio?Double Espresso.
13Where is the sea of showers?On the moon.
14In the movie Grease, where did characters put the title substance?On their hair.
15Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?Jane Austen
16Scar is the name of the villain in which animated movie?The Lion King.
17What is reticule?A woman’s purse.
18What wood are matches made from?Poplar
19What are glasses without earpieces/arms called?Pince-nez.
20Which of these tigers does not exist in nature?Grey.
21Who wrote the Moonlight Sonata?Ludwig van Beethoven.
22What street did Sherlock Holmes live on?Baker Street.
23A small cap that protects your finger when sewing.Double Espresso.
24Where is the sea of showers?On the moon.
25Most of the planet in our solar system rotate in the same direction but not this one. Which planet is itUranus
26Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?Jane Austen
27Scar is the name of the villain in which animated movie?The Lion King.
28What is reticule?A woman’s purse.
29What wood are matches made from?Poplar
30What is glass made from?Sand
31Antonio Stradivari was famous for making which type of musical instrument?Violin
32Who wrote the Moonlight Sonata?Ludwig van Beethoven.
33What street did Sherlock Holmes live on?Baker Street.
34A small cap that protects your finger when sewing.Thimble
35What is botany?Plant science.
36Which river flows through Paris?The Seine.
37Another name of invisible ink?Sympathetic ink.
38What was the name of Alexander the Great’s horse?Bucephalus.
39Capital of USA?Washington, D.C.
40What is a rambutan?A tree.
41What Can a computer not work without?Electricity.
42What colour is ocher?Brownish yellow.
43How many dragons did Daenerys Targaryen have?Three.
44Which celestial object was stripped of its full planet status?Pluto.
45Aim of contouring in makeup?To enhance the structure of the face.
46What was Joan of Arc’s nickname?Maid of Orleans.
47World’s smallest bird?Hummingbird.
48What is the place called where a river begins?Source.
49Which country borders Australia?None.
50What is the smallest ocean?Arctic Ocean.
51Where on the Earth is there always a south wind blowing?At the North Pole.
52What is the Equator?It's a geographical term.
53Who gifted the Statue of Liberty to the USA?France.
54How many years did the Hundred Years' War between England and France last?116
55Complete the famous phrase by Julius Caesar: "I came, I saw, ..."I conquered
56What is a numismatist?A coin collector.
57Who made the first circumnavigation of the globe?Magellan.
58What is a pirouette?A dance move.
59What is a fouetté?A dance move.
60Which musical instrument has a name that means "quiet" in Italian?Piano.
61How many legs does a crab have?10
62Largest bird in the world?Ostrich.
63Who was the first Disney princess to appear on screen?Snow White.
64In parachuting, how is the winner determined?The athlete who lands most accurately in a designated are
65Which flower is the symbol of vanity?Daffodil.
66In which of these fields can you NOT win a Nobel Prize?Mathematics.
67What is a buttonhole?A small bouquet of flowers.
68What is a Mastiff?A breed of dog.
69What is a tumbler?A breed of pigeon.
70Which literary character asked the question, "To be or not to be?"Hamlet.
711st Disney princess?Snow White.
72What is the polonaise?A polish dance
73What is musical salute called?Fanfare
74Where do cocoa beans originate from?South America
75What is the most widespread type of coffee?Arabica
76Where does the coffee tree originate from?Africa
77What are musical rattles called?Maracas
78Which country does flamenco dancing come from?Spain
79What are the Peaky Blinders?A criminal gang
80What kind of wreath has been awarded to competition winners since Roman times?Laurel
81What is a high male voice called?Tenor
82What is a suricate?small animal
83Which of these hybrid animals do NOT exist?Labratross
84Where does a pelican store fish?A pouch
85Which of these is an instrument for working out direction? Compass
86What is cheese made from?Milk
87What is an epigraph?A quotation at the start of a book
88How many pieces are there in a game of chess?32
89How many hours are there in a day?24
90What is the capital of Canada?Ottawa
91What is the capital of the UK?London
92What is a frigate ?A warship with three masts
93Which colour of the rainbow comes between green and indigo ?Blue
94What colour was the submarine in the famous song by the Beatles ?Yellow
95Where do Lemurs live ?Madagascar
96What is the capital of Sweden?Stockholm
97What male name is given to the world's most famous film award?Oscar
98The art of cultivating miniature trees goes by what name?Bonshai
99Which is heavier, a ton of iron or a ton of feathers?They weight the same
100Which of the following catagories is not recognized with stars on the hollywood walk of fame?Literature
101Which of these is a real type of tango?Finnish Tango
102What is the capital of Spain?Madrid
103What is the name of the astronaut who first walked on the moon?Neil Armstrong
104Which part of the ear are earrings normally worn on?Lobe
105How many is a dozen?12
106What is a person who studies birds called?Ornithologist
107Capital of France?Paris
108What does odometer measure?Distance travelled
109Which of these plants holds the record for growing the fastest?Bamboo
110Which one can lift the heaviest object?An elephant
111Which vitamin is also known as Ascorbic acid?Vitamin C
112Where do penguins fly to in the winter?Penguins can't fly.
113How many colours are there in a rainbow?7
114What is the official language of Australia?English
115Panama hat originate from?Ecuador
116Capital of Belarus?Minsk
117A football ball hit the back of the net. What's this called?Goal
118What is zoology?Animal science
119What does the phrase "Hakuna Matata" mean?Life without worries
120Where do you normally put mascara?on your eyelashes
121Why do birch trees have black streaks on their trunk?To breathe
122Which of these is a lizard that changes its colour?Chameleon
123What is displayed in the Madame Tussauds museum?Wax figure
124Capital of ItalyRome
125Which of these does not exist in nature?Ruby tree
126What kind of sugar is in sugar cubes?Refined
127To get into Wonderland, Alice must drink from a bottle. What is written on the bottle?Drink me.
128Who made wearing trousers fashionable for women?Coco channel
129When do cockerels crow?At dawn
130What was king George VI of the United Kingdom called as a child?Albert
131Which of these musical instruments was widely used in ancient Greece?Lyre
132Which of these is a block of ice that floats in the ocean?Iceberg
133Which cute animal is a symbol of China?The great Panda
134Which of these is one of the Seven Wonders of the World?The Temple of Artemis.
135Who invented jeans?Levi Strauss
136which geometric shape has become a musical instrument?Triangle
137Which one runs the fastest?Cheetah
138How many dragons did daenerys targaryen haveThree
139What is the highest mountain on Earth Everest
140Which part of the cinnamon tree becomes a spice when dried Bark
141How many bits make a byte Eight
142What is the physicall sign of an eagle huntingA shadow
143How many teeth are in a full adult set32
144What is the biggest animalWhale
145What animal is used to find truffles in the groundSpecially trained pigs
146In which season are the days the shortest ?they´re always the same length
147Which country´s currency is called the Yen ?Japan
148Which part of the clove tree becomes a spice when dried?flower buds
149Jewellers measure precious stones in units of what?Carats
150What is the symbol on the Olympic flag?5 interwoven rings
151What is the capital of RussiaMoscow
152Which of these creatures is the strongestAn Ant
153Yesterday it was, tomorrow it will be. what is?Today
154Which one is the biggest primate in the world?Gorilla
155What is OdometerThe distance travelled
156What is the tallest animal in the world?Giraffe
157How does the famous saying “The more things change, the more …” ends?They stay the same
158Which Star is closest to us?The Sun
159What is an eyelet?A small bouquet of flowers

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      1. Q: How does the famous saying “The more things change, the more …” ends?
        A: remain the same
        (it’s an Italian proverb, I don’t know how it looks in English)

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