Peter Rice Terminated From Disney; Dana Walden Accepting His Post As Director of General Amusement Content

Rice, who filled in as chairman of general entertainment content, came to Disney with the obtaining of 21st Century Fox in 2019, as did Walden.

Walden started her career as an public relations executive, working for Arsenio Hall in the prime of his partnered late-night television show before she joined Fox in 1993.

The move denotes a prominent rebuilding shift made by Disney CEO Bob Chapek

Rice was bushwhacked yesterday by the move, so were a considerable lot of his partners at Disney who didn't see this coming.

Both Rice and Walden are all around respected executives

Rice signed another agreement the previous summer, which will last few years long, so his payout will be a terrific one

Walden's agreement was fulfilled for the current year, and she had been arranging another one with Disney over the recent months

Chapek's move closes a long partnership between Rice and Walden who had cooperated for a long time.