Monkeypox outbreaks in US, UK and Europe.

Monkeypox has outbreak in US, Europe and UK. The count is small for now. Only 36 people are infected

Health officials are still unaware about the root of the infection and transmission medium

Monkeypox causes fever, body aches, enlarged lymph nodes and eventually "pox," or blisters on the face, hands and feet.

No. The name "monkeypox" comes from the first documented cases in colonies of monkeys kept for research

Does monkeypox comes from monkeys?

No. The virus is not new. They were detected many centuries ago. But there were very less cases in history.

Is Monkeypox a new VIRUS?

Mainly people get infected through animal bite or scratch and spread through cough and sneeze.

Is do you get infected to Monkeypox?

Evidence is found, that now the virus could be spreading through a new route- SEXUAL CONTACT

The new spreading route of monkeypox?